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In late March, a man with a beard and a beard-shaped scarred forehead was arrested after he walked into a San Diego police station and confessed to killing a woman in the city of Fort Lauderdale.The arrest came after a woman identified only as “Rosemary” reported a suspicious man to the Broward Sheriff’s Office on

Stephen Harper’s favourite meme: “No-one will be hurt, the sun will shine.”

“Stephen Harper, it’s the perfect image of the prime minister,” said the Australian-born artist.“The only thing that’s been lacking is the emotion.He’s got the sense of humour, and his humour is really infectious.I love him.”┬áThe meme is so popular that Harper himself has used it in a number of memes, including one of his own,

Jodhpur University Students to Face Suspension for Calling Allah a Jew

The students of the Jodhanpur University are facing a suspension for calling Allah a Jewish character, the school has announced.The students of Jodhapur University, who are students of Dharavi University, were facing the consequences of their “unacceptable” behaviour in a letter addressed to the president of the school, professor Ashish Kulkarni.“It is against the tenets