Which sport has the biggest fans?

The biggest fan base in sports is, of course, the NBA, where the Golden State Warriors are the league’s reigning champions.

But it is the NFL that has the most dedicated fans, with the league alone accounting for more than 30 percent of the world’s sports fans, according to a study by market research firm eMarketer.

The study was conducted last year to help inform a growing push to find the “most-followed sport on Twitter.”

That push began with a series of posts last year by former NFL quarterback and current ESPN analyst Colin Cowherd, who wrote in his blog that he believes that the “NFL is one of the most-following sports on Twitter,” and that his fans were “truly passionate and passionate about this game.”

Cowherd’s fans were more passionate than those of other sports.

In his blog post, Cowherds followers were a majority of the NBA’s total, and the majority of NBA fans are female.

The study found that fans of professional soccer, soccer’s world governing body, were also a majority, and fans of soccer’s top league, the English Premier League, were a plurality of the sport’s fan base.

The report also found that the NFL has the largest fan base of any sport in the world, with more than 690 million Twitter followers.

It is followed by the NFL and NHL, with 466 million and 486 million, respectively.

The NFL also leads the way in terms of the number of sports fans worldwide, according the study.

According to eMarketers, there are more than 15.5 billion followers of the NFL, while the NBA has about 3.3 billion fans.

The NFL has been around since 1946, while its predecessors, the NHL and NBA, were founded in 1974.

The NHL’s biggest fan, the Buffalo Sabres, have the largest following of any team, with nearly 1.7 billion followers.

The Boston Bruins have more than 1.5 million followers, and many hockey fans are more active than ever.

In addition to the NBA and NFL, other sports that have big followings on Twitter include soccer (1.9 billion), soccer’s World Cup champion Barcelona (1 billion), and football (1 million).

However, Twitter’s data does not show how many of these sports have an overall fan base larger than the NBA or NHL.

Twitter has only tracked the number and percentage of people who follow sports.

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