When it’s time to start planning your vacation, here are all the best places to see the world in 2018

I just got back from a four-day Caribbean cruise, and I’ve been living off a few things: an avocado toast at the beach, a quick taco at a fast-casual taco joint, and a few drinks at a bar, among them.

Here are the best bars and restaurants in Florida and Florida Keys in 2018.

When it’s the time to hit up a local bar or dive bar, head over to one of the five Florida bars listed above, or just hit up your local watering hole.

The list is subject to change depending on how many places are in the state, but here are the five most-recommended Florida bars and restaurant options, with recommendations for those in the Keys and Orange counties.


Miami Beach’s Barcade: Located at the corner of NW 16th and South Beach, the barcade is just across from the historic, but now boarded-up, Biscayne Bay Club.

The barcade was originally called the Biscay Club, but it’s now the Barcade, which is an homage to the nightclub.

Barcade is known for its seafood and Caribbean dishes, and the menu includes a mix of classic Cuban and American dishes, as well as a few tropical items like coconut shrimp, pineapple and mango.

This spot serves an array of drinks, from vodka cocktails to Bloody Marys, which can be paired with cocktails and tacos.


The Bierhouse: Located on the banks of the Coral River, this historic bar is an upscale dive bar that serves classic cocktails like the Bitter Lady, an English bittersweet gin with lemon peel, ginger, and orange bitters.

A cocktail menu features classics like the Blue Raspberry Bitter and the Pisco Sour, along with some more adventurous drinks like the Pineapple Martini and the Piney-Nose Tango.

The menu also features a few seasonal dishes, like a grilled octopus salad with grilled squid and crispy scallops.


The Coral and Gulf: Located along the Gulf Coast, this dive bar is one of Miami’s most popular dive spots, and it serves an eclectic mix of American and Caribbean cocktails.

The cocktails at the Coral are inspired by Caribbean classics, including the Mai Tai, which features a lime wedge, ginger lime, and pineapple, while the Gulf features a combination of rum, pineapple, and tequila.

The bartenders at this bar are known for their unique approach to cocktails, and there are also cocktails that incorporate flavors from outside the Caribbean, such as a ginger beer, an orange soda, and rum and pineapple.


Bistro Mambo: Located in the heart of Coral Gables, Bisto Mambo is one the best Cuban-inspired restaurants in the city.

The restaurant is known as a favorite spot for locals who love to sample Cuban food, and has a Cuban menu that features everything from a pork and chicken sandwich to a grilled fish sandwich.

The drinks are great, with a few of the restaurant’s signature cocktails like a Gin-and-Pina colada.

The staff is very friendly, and you can also get a nice glass of wine with your meal.


The Lighthouse: Located next to the Lighthouse, this beautiful dive bar serves a full menu of Caribbean and Spanish food, from the best pisco cocktail to the most classic seafood dishes.

If you like your cocktails to be refreshing and spicy, this bar is the place for you.

More from the New York City area:

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