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By Jeff Gaudette/Icon SportswireESPN.com- This is an updated version of an article that first appeared on ESPN.com on March 1, 2018.

The full version of this article appears below.

A few weeks ago, the NHL unveiled its new, advanced analytics dashboard that includes a lot of new analytics tools that can help fans understand how their teams play, which players are contributing to the team’s success and which ones are hurting the team.

The dashboard is expected to debut in 2018-19 and it has a lot going for it.

But what can fans expect when it does launch?

Let’s take a look at what you’ll see when you’re on the new dashboard.

The new analytics dashboard features:The goal of the analytics dashboard is to help fans get an understanding of what makes a team successful.

It can be a bit daunting at first to know how to use all of the new analytics.

But once you understand the tools and concepts, it’s not hard to figure out how to apply them.

For example, we’ll look at the two charts above that show the percentage of goals scored by the top team in the standings over the past four seasons.

The team with the highest percentage of shots on goal (in terms of percentage of shot attempts) is the Tampa Bay Lightning.

The other team is the New York Rangers.

That team scored just over 50% of its goals in the playoffs last season and its goal differential was nearly 30%.

The stats in this visualization show the team with a higher percentage of scoring chances (percentage of shots against) in the past five years and the team that had the highest goal differential.

For a team like the Lightning, this indicates that their goal differential decreased over the five-year period.

The chart below shows the teams that had this statistic.

As you can see, the Lightning had the best shot differential in the league.

They scored the most goals.

They also scored the second-most goals against.

However, that was in the last five years.

The Rangers also had the second best shot record in the NHL last season.

So their goal record wasn’t all that bad, but they did score more than 50% more goals than their opponents.

This chart shows the number of times the players on the team scored goals during the last 10 games.

That’s the team score-adjusted Corsi for percentage (the percentage of a team’s shots against that were scored by its forwards, defensemen and goaltenders).

The team that scored the fewest goals was the Detroit Red Wings.

The Red Wings scored only 11 goals over the last decade, but the average was 12.9 goals for a team of 60 teams.

That means the average goals for Detroit’s forwards was just 12.1 per game over the 10 years.

This is why we’re so impressed with how the Lightning’s forwards scored so many goals.

The average scoring chances against for the Red Wings was 14.1 for the 10-year span.

The goal differential for the Lightning last season was the highest in the Western Conference.

It was good for the team, but not good enough to justify its success.

This means that the team could have won the Stanley Cup with a better scoring record.

It is hard to believe that the Lightning scored a goal every 10.6 minutes in the final 10 games of the season, but this is where the stats come in.

The number of shots for, against, goal differential and shots against per game in the entire regular season and playoffs for the 2015-16 season is listed in the chart below.

This graph shows how often a team scored in each of those categories.

The Lightning scored in the top two categories (shot differential and goals against) for the entire season.

The rest of the teams averaged only one shot differential per game and had very low goals against for teams in the bottom two categories.

The chart above shows the top teams in each category (shot percentage, goals against and goals scored per game).

The Red Stars were the only team in that top five that scored more than 25% of their goals in that category.

The top three teams scored more goals per game than they scored in shot differential.

The next two teams (the Kings and the Capitals) had higher percentage scores in each one of those areas.

This tells us that the Red Stars had a shot differential of 22.9 percent and their goal rate of 14.9% in those categories over the season.

But the bottom five teams (Chicago, Colorado, Edmonton, New Jersey and Tampa Bay) had lower goals against rates than their goal percentage in those areas over the year.

So how does the Lightning compare to the other teams?

In the final year of the Stanley War, the Blackhawks were the best team in hockey at shooting the puck (33.9%).

The Blues were in second place at shooting (33%) and were the second most dangerous team in terms of shooting percentage (38.5%).

The Penguins were in third at shooting percentage

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