Stephen Harper’s favourite meme: “No-one will be hurt, the sun will shine.”

“Stephen Harper, it’s the perfect image of the prime minister,” said the Australian-born artist.

“The only thing that’s been lacking is the emotion.

He’s got the sense of humour, and his humour is really infectious.

I love him.” 

The meme is so popular that Harper himself has used it in a number of memes, including one of his own, a parody of the Prime Minister’s official biography.

The Prime Minister is often seen with his trademark glasses, a dark suit with a black shirt, a tie and a pair of sunglasses.

He also has a signature smile and often has his hands folded over his chest.

Harper, the only sitting prime minister in Australia, is often photographed wearing the glasses.

His signature smile is often emblazoned across his sleeve.

The image is also often used to promote his books.

Harper is not the only one to use the meme, and it’s not just a meme.

A meme has been circulating for some time, but it was not widely known until this year.

A video from an Australian Facebook page shows a man holding up the meme.

He explains that he has never actually seen a cartoon, but he is familiar with the meme because it is often used on a popular news website.

“The idea is that the cartoon character is the Prime Minster and the Prime Minute is the cartoon, and that when you hear the Prime Ministers voice, the animation is just that much more magical,” he said.

He adds that the PrimeMinute is the perfect example of how memes can be used for good.

“There are a lot of people in Australia who are looking to see how memes are being used in the community,” he says.

As for the memes’ origins, the Australian blog Aussie News Network reported in 2015 that the meme originated in the United States.

However, the internet meme community is divided about who invented it and who made it.

On one side are those who say it was made by a Facebook user and then spread to others, but on the other side are people who believe it was a copycat of an image on a news site.

The image itself is a parody, but not in the way many Australians would expect.

It is a comic strip in which the Prime minster is wearing glasses and a dark jacket, with the words “No one will be harmed, the sky will shine” in large letters across his chest and a black hat.

In Australia, the meme was popularised by a user called Stephen Harper.

He was the only Prime Minister in Australia until the late 1990s.

Although the meme has become popular, there is no evidence that the original creator was Harper.

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