‘A real chance for the game to be played’: Paddy Power

The NRL is looking for more support for the future of rugby league.

It has launched a petition to highlight the need for a new generation of fans and players, with one of the petition’s signatories Paddy White.

The Rugby League Board of Directors is currently reviewing the viability of a new league.

With the support of the NRL, the Rugby League Australia and NRL, it is estimated the new league will be able to attract up to 50,000 fans per match.

Mr White said the petition was important because he wanted the NRL to know how important the petition is.

“I think we should have a really strong message from the NRL for the NRL and that’s a real chance to play the game,” he said.

“The NRL can do so much to support the game and I think we’ve got to take a real opportunity to show the NRL what a great game we’ve been playing for so many years and show them what we’re about.”

Rugby league’s best and worst days ‘The NRL is trying to do something for the sport.

We need the support”The petition has more than 6,000 signatures and has been sent to the NRL’s CEO, Stephen Corcoran.”

Paddy White and the NRL want to give their support to this petition and that we need to get this up and running,” Mr Corcoron said.

The petition was launched in January, but has since been endorsed by NRL chief executive Todd Greenberg.”

We’ve had a lot of people say they want to get involved and we’re all on board,” Mr Greenberg said.”[The petition] has been well received and people are supportive.

They want to see a change and they want it to happen as soon as possible.

“Rival clubs already involvedIn addition to the petition, there is a website and social media campaign which has been launched to raise funds for the petition.”

There are some big clubs who are interested in playing the game, and they are willing to do so in a more sustainable way,” Mr White said.

Mr Greenberg said the support from his players and players’ groups had been invaluable.”

As the league grows it will become more and more of a competitive game, so we need more support from our players and from our fans,” he says.”

They’ve been great about supporting us.

We’ve had support from the game itself, so it’s been a good support.

“Mr White is one of a number of players who have been involved in the petition campaign.”

It’s a really exciting time, but there’s a lot that needs to happen to make sure the game is sustainable,” he told ABC Radio Hobart.”

You need to be a realist, you need to think about the long-term and you need a lot more funding for the development of the game.

“Rural Queensland Rugby League team to play NRL gameThis week, a Brisbane-based team is set to play its first game against the Sydney Roosters at ANZ Stadium.”

To be honest with you, I’m really excited,” former Roosting prop and current Brisbane Rugby League chief executive Mike Phelan said.”(We’ve been] on the ground for two or three weeks and it’s a very special occasion.

“This is a really great opportunity for our players, for our fans and for the whole community to get a chance to see the game we love.”

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