Which Korean tech company has the most local search engines?

By Simon Denninger Published August 09, 2018 07:05:49Korea’s K-pop industry is booming, with companies such as BTS and SK Telecom making a name for themselves with the likes of the hugely popular K-Pop Star.

But now the country is also finding itself in the news again after another scandal erupted with a number of celebrities accusing Korean internet service provider SK Telecom of throttling their access to local search services.

According to reports, a number are demanding that the ISP suspend local search, and many are even suggesting that it’s a form of censorship.

The issue is now the subject of an investigation by the Korea Fair Trade Commission.

The investigation is in relation to allegations that SK Telecom throttled search in the Korean community when users searched for things such as celebrities, sports, and politics.

SK Telecom has denied all the allegations.

The Korean media outlet Ilbo reported on August 10 that an unnamed Korean internet user claimed that she had been throttled for more than one week while searching for things related to celebrities, including the rapper Psy, who was reportedly “forced to stop his activities.”

SK Telecom denied the claim, saying that the users account was deleted after she complained about it.

Meanwhile, a similar complaint has also surfaced about the same alleged throttling of Korean users, who are now demanding that SKT suspend the throttling altogether.

This time, it was a Korean user who reported that she was forced to turn off local search.

The user also claimed that the search service did not include Korean celebrities.

This is the second time in a week that SKTs services have been accused of throttlers, with the first being the incident involving Psy.

In April, the Korea Commission of Fair Trade (KCF) found that Psy had been forced to stop performing his concerts because he had been accused by the K-Cup singer of abusing his power over the search engine.

K-Pop stars are also not the only ones upset about this issue.

Korean music industry figures also voiced their anger at the search throttling issue, as some members of the industry have also threatened to leave the country.