Jodhpur University Students to Face Suspension for Calling Allah a Jew

The students of the Jodhanpur University are facing a suspension for calling Allah a Jewish character, the school has announced.

The students of Jodhapur University, who are students of Dharavi University, were facing the consequences of their “unacceptable” behaviour in a letter addressed to the president of the school, professor Ashish Kulkarni.

“It is against the tenets of our religion and we are therefore banning them from taking part in class,” the letter said.

The letter also asked the students to “refrain from making any derogatory remarks towards any religions, creeds, people or groups, especially those who hold views that differ from our own”.

The university’s president, Dharamvir Kumar Kumar, said the letter was a “misguided” decision, but said the school would have to take the matter up with the government.

“We have received the letter from the student body and will take the issue up with them.

The administration will take action,” he said.”

The school will have to be given strict instructions on how to deal with the matter.

It will have a very strict approach,” he added.

The university has not responded to a request for comment.

The student body has already sent a letter to the administration demanding a “correct” response to the incident.

In the letter, the students claimed that the word “Jew” was not a part of their religious scriptures.

“The word ‘Jew’ is not a religious word.

It is a derogatory term and should not be used,” the students wrote.

The Jodhya activists also called for the students who had written the letter to be disciplined and banned from the campus for the rest of their lives.

“What happened was not the fault of the students.

They did not realise that the ‘Jew-Jew’ word is derogatory,” said Sanjeev Kumar, one of the group.

The protesters also said they will boycott the school for the next three months.

The students have demanded that the campus be closed for the remaining classes for the duration of the strike.

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