How to use a pen and paper for fun and learning

Now that you have a pen, you can take your creativity to the next level and get creative with your paper.

Here are 5 great tips for getting started.1.

Use the same pen every timeYou can easily change your pen and pad with the same nib.2.

Use a pencil that has a sharp tip to create lines in your drawingIf you use a pencil with a sharp blade, you’ll be able to create more lines.3.

Make sure your pen is cleanWhen you use your pen in the wrong way, it can scratch your paper or cause other problems.4.

Learn to write with a brushInstead of using a brush to make your pencil, start with a ruler and add a pencil as you go.5.

Practice your drawing techniquesHere are a few ideas to get you started:• Draw your face and head with a drawing tablet.• Draw a portrait of yourself in the mirror.• Use a paper with the outline of your face on the back.• Put a picture of your favorite character on a sheet of paper.1 / 6 Next: 10 ways to improve your writing skills.