Jinseyeo ‘Young’ seo

The official Twitter account of the television drama “Young Seo” has released a teaser that showed a new character, Jinseya.

The official Twitter of “Young” has also revealed that a new episode of the drama will be broadcast next week.

“Young”, which will be released in May, will be directed by Lee Sang-Woo.

The teaser showed the new character with the words “young seo”.

This is the first time the character’s name has been used since it was introduced in the season 1 premiere.

The character of “young” was revealed by a series of posts on the official Twitter on Tuesday.

The character was named Jinseyoo in the series.

The new character’s appearance and appearance of the character of the season 2 is also confirmed.

The show’s main protagonist is Jin Seo, who is the eldest daughter of the wealthy Seo family.

The main character is currently in high school, and is also the eldest sister of Jin Seojin.

The “Young’ Seo season 2 will premiere on July 31.

The official tweet revealed the character is in a romantic relationship with the main character, who will also be the protagonist.”

Young” seo will premiere next week on April 29.

“Seo” is a Korean word for “boy” or “girl.””

Old”, which premiered in October, is set to be released on July 25.

“Seo” is a Korean word for “boy” or “girl.”

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