Which is the best company to work for?

The world’s biggest tech company is going to be in the spotlight next week.

But the company that was once the envy of Silicon Valley’s startup scene is going out on a limb, launching a competition to determine which company to be the next best.

The competition is to be held on 26 October, but the deadline for entries is now 2 December, with all the entries submitted by 10am GMT on Monday.

There’s no word on whether the winner will be an established technology firm or an upstart startup, but this is certainly a company with a lot of hype.

This is the latest in a series of competitions organised by the startup accelerator firm StartupPhoenix, which has attracted an impressive number of startups in the past.

It’s a small selection, with only four startups participating.

But this is not a small number.

For example, it’s the first time a startup has been selected for the competition to replace one of the world’s largest companies, Apple.

The two biggest companies, Amazon and Facebook, have been awarded the prize.

The prize money is about $1.3bn (£820m), but the prize money itself is just under $2bn.

So why is it being offered?

One of the key points of contention between the two main contenders is the size of the prize pool.

The startup accelerator says it wants to increase the prize by up to 25% to make the competition more accessible and incentivise more companies to join.

That’s a good idea, but it comes with some serious limitations.

There are a few major issues with this idea, and they relate to the competition.

For one thing, the prize is only a fraction of what the prize-winning companies get.

The largest prize-winner from the StartupPhoenix competition is Zomato, which won $2.1m.

The next-largest is Dropbox, which received $1m, while Nextcloud, which got $1 million, is in third place.

Another issue is the way the prize has been allocated.

The StartupPhoenix prize is divided up equally between the three finalists, so there’s not a lot to see in the prize table.

Another problem is that the competition was created by StartupPhoenix.

That means that if one of these companies has a bigger than expected revenue growth in the next two years, then the other two companies can take advantage of the extra money.

This means that the winners of the competition will also be rewarded with a significant amount of money.

To make matters worse, the competition is also being run by a third-party startup accelerator, the StartupPheonix.

This might be a good thing if the prize were actually worth a lot, but its not.

The average payout for the winners is only $7.6m, and a company’s earnings have to be higher than $10m to get the award.

It is worth noting that StartupPhoenix has a history of offering a lot more money to winners than the prize itself.

That includes a $2m bonus for a winner of the Startup Phoenix competition last year.

But there is a downside to this, too.

The contest is being run as a competition, which means the winners will be paid a percentage of their revenue.

This would be a bad thing for a startup, because it means that they don’t have a lot going for them.

It would be like saying that a carmaker has a lot less value than a bank.

There is also the issue of what is being awarded.

Most of the winners are still being paid $10,000 a year, but that is a fraction less than the $1,500-a-month the startup’s chief executive is making.

That makes sense, but there are some other winners who will only get $50,000.

In terms of competition, the big question is whether the prize really is worth that much money.

For starters, it could be that some of the big companies are just getting lucky.

For instance, if you’re a company that only made $2 million in revenue in 2016, the winner could be receiving a lot fewer than $2,500 a year.

The reality is that these companies have a huge amount of cash.

The winner of a competition like this will have a massive amount of it and the prize could very well be a lot bigger than the cash that they get.

However, it is important to remember that this is an early stage of the startup ecosystem, and there are still plenty of issues to be ironed out before the competition begins.

StartupPhoenix founder David Rottmann told New Scientist: “It’s all about making sure we are giving them a great opportunity, but also getting a great reward.”

If the competition goes well, it will be the second big prize for StartupPhoenix in a few months, after the company announced the winner of its first competition last October.

The winners of that competition, Airbnb, won $1bn.

The company was awarded the $750m prize for its

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