Texas’s biggest companies are spending more on data science, analytics and machine learning, but startups are still lagging behind

By Matt Kouris/MashableThe biggest companies in Texas have started using data to predict which startups will be the next big winners in the digital economy.

And they are paying more attention to data and machine-learning, as well as building more infrastructure for it.

Here are 10 of the most prominent tech companies that are using machine learning to predict what their products are going to be valued at, how they are goingto be perceived, and what will their revenue be in a few years.

Here’s what you need to know about the top companies in the Texas tech industry:1.

Texas Tech University is using machine-to-machine intelligence to predict the future of its software company2.

The largest company in the world using machine intelligence to build a predictive analytics platform that can predict how much its competitors will spend on advertising3.

A San Antonio-based data science company uses machine learning and artificial intelligence to analyze the data it collects from its customers and forecast what the companies next moves are4.

An Austin-based startup is using data science to predict how its customers are going, and how it can make better business decisions.5.

A Houston-based software company is using artificial intelligence and machine intelligence tools to forecast which startups are going into which marketplaces.6.

An Arlington-based company is looking to use machine learning for predictions on how to get new users into its app.7.

An Orlando-based cloud computing company is experimenting with using machine vision and artificial neural networks to predict whether its users are going online soon.8.

An Atlanta-based start-up is using deep learning and machine translation to predict a company’s customer retention rate and predict how they will be perceived.9.

A Dallas-based tech company is creating a predictive database of what its users bought and how much they paid for, and has created a website where customers can sign up for the service.10.

An El Paso-based analytics company is building a predictive system that can help it predict the best times for the next iPhone.