Why the US audit says it will be an audit nightmare

More than 1,500 US corporations are audited by the Office of Government Ethics (OGE), and nearly 60% of those audited were underperforming.

While the OGE has a broad mandate to provide advice and assistance to the public, it is a voluntary organisation, with no official body that makes these recommendations.

This has led some to argue that this could lead to a biased audit, but OGE CEO Daniel Holzhausen insists the OSE’s audits are nonpartisan.

Holzbusch said that while he is disappointed with the OCE’s conclusions, he did not believe the OGA’s conclusions to be inaccurate.

“The audit itself is a nonpartisan process, but that doesn’t mean that the recommendations it makes will be based on the findings of the OGI,” he told the ABC.

“It’s very hard to prove that they are.”

What’s more, the OGES does not disclose which companies it audits.

What’s the truth about OGE’s audit findings?

There is much debate about the OGS’s audit report.

Some, such as the American Enterprise Institute, argue that the audit was a sham.

Others, including Holz and the OGs Office of Ethics, argue the audit is a useful tool to inform policymaking and to improve transparency.

The OGE says the audit results were obtained using a process that involved a series of voluntary interviews with individuals who had direct knowledge of the company’s activities, as well as other interviews with employees and other people with relevant knowledge.

The result is an audit that is broadly in line with the recommendations made by the OIG.

However, there is disagreement about what the report really says about OGA recommendations.

The USOIG is currently seeking public comment on its recommendations, which are expected to be released in March.

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