‘We Got It From Here’ star and producer Dave Grohl on how his new album changed his life

MTV News is partnering with the Los Angeles-based production studio Dave Grohls Production Group to premiere the first official trailer for his new song, “We Got it From Here,” which will be released via MTV on June 19.

Grohl’s music is deeply rooted in Americana, combining folk, country, blues and country-rock elements.

It was recently covered by the Grammy Award-winning band The Who, and he has released a number of solo albums, including his self-titled debut.

The song opens with Grohl rapping about the night before he was robbed, saying “The police came and took my purse, the cash I’d saved, my keys, my phone, my laptop, and the album.”

Then he turns his back on the crime and raps, “I had a good time and I had a nice day.”

The video was created by Dave Grohs Production Group, which produces music videos for artists including Jay-Z, Kanye West, Lady Gaga and Taylor Swift.

The video is the second for the new song and marks the first time Grohl has appeared on MTV’s cover, which premiered earlier this month.

The first was a cover of Beck’s “I Don’t Need Love,” which featured Grohl, and Grohles’ new music video was released on Instagram last week.