The Lad is Back!

Dallas Stars center Jason Spezza is not coming back to the NHL, but his agent is telling the world the Dallas Stars have a deal in place to keep him on their roster.

The news came via a tweet from Jason Speppers agent Jason Gee, and the Stars have agreed to retain his services until the end of the 2019-20 season, which is when the 30-year-old will become a free agent.

Jason Spezza will remain a Dallas Star.

He has agreed to a two-year contract extension.

#DallasStars — Jason Gees (@JasonGees_) July 10, 2019Spezza’s agent confirmed to ESPN’s Brett Koremenos that the Dallas team had agreed to the extension.

“We are happy with the outcome of this negotiation, Jason Spezis decision to remain in Dallas and we’re happy that he will continue to play in Dallas,” Jason Grees said in a statement to Koremenas tweets.

“He is a talented and motivated player, but it is clear to us that we need to bring him back to Dallas.

Jason is a very hard worker and we are excited to see him continue to improve and grow as a player.

We are confident that Jason will be a successful NHL player in the future.”

Jason Spez was the first player from Dallas to make the playoffs since 2006-07.

He scored 28 goals and 81 points in 82 games in his first season, and led the team in scoring in each of the next three seasons.

The Stars traded for Jason Spezlitz in the offseason, and he has started to show the promise that was on display in his rookie season.

Injuries have taken a toll on Spezza, and his numbers have declined each of his past two seasons.

But the team has shown an interest in retaining him, and it is a big reason why Dallas signed the veteran defenseman to a three-year extension on June 1.

Jason Grees says Dallas has agreed with Jason Spezi to keep Jason in Dallas.

Jason Spezzis agent is on the phone with the Stars, and will have more information on the deal.

[email protected] @JasonGrees_ — Brett Korems (@BrettKorems) July 12, 2019Jason Spezi is currently tied for third in the league in goals with 31.

He was third in points with 41 and fifth in goals.

Dallas was able to make an early run in the playoffs last season, when Spezza scored a goal in the first round against St. Louis.

Dallas won the Stanley Cup in 2016, but the Stars failed to make it back to last season’s finals for the first time since 2008.

Spezza was traded to Dallas this past offseason, but was traded again to the Vancouver Canucks for center Jiri Hudler and defenseman Benoit Pouliot, who went on to play well in Dallas’s second-round playoff series against the Tampa Bay Lightning.

Dallas was the second-worst team in the NHL with a minus-20 goal differential last season.

The Stars are currently 29th in the conference, but are a top-three team with two wins and a tiebreaker.