What’s the ‘Sekai Project’ story about?

“The anime was a big success, and the fans were really enthusiastic.

So when we decided to do another series, I was really excited to work with the same staff,” explains Seo.

“I was very thankful to be able to do this with the very same crew.”

After returning to the US, Seo’s life was suddenly changed.

“My daughter was diagnosed with a brain tumor.

She was on a ventilator and was dying, but her family wanted to help me,” Seo recalls.

“When she went to see me, I realized that I wasn’t able to help her.

So I went to Japan to see her and then we met up with the rest of the cast.

I felt so relieved to see them all, and I couldn’t be more grateful to them for helping me and giving me a chance to see the anime I had been wanting to see for so long.”

While she was away from home, Seon and her friends were working on a second season of the anime.

They worked hard to finish it, but it wasn’t until March of this year that the staff began filming.

Seo and her castmates were so happy that they filmed again for the second season.

“We were in Tokyo, and we were all in our costumes, and all the crew was there,” Seon recalls.

When Seo got home, she took some of the photos and posted them on her Instagram account.

It was then that she got an unexpected phone call.

“It was the producer of the show who told me that the show was cancelled.

And she told me to come home,” Seos mom says.

“So we went home and we cried.”

Now that she is back, Seongo is back working full time, and is happy to be back with her friends.

“Now that I have a family, I want to spend more time with them,” she says.

She also wants to work on more series.

“It’s hard to work in a small studio,” Seongos mother says.

While she is grateful for the experience, Seofo is happy that the experience made her realize the power of anime to change the world.

“To see a show like this with such strong themes, I think that shows like this are powerful.

And I think people should see that.

And maybe they should watch them,” Seofou says. 

The cast of Sekai Project has not only become a part of Seo Seo, they are a part in a much bigger world.

“The show was a huge success, so the fans, especially in Japan, were really excited,” says Seo who is excited to return to the States.

“But I was so thankful to have a group of like-minded people that are working on other projects.

It is a wonderful feeling.”

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