How to report a cyber-harassment on the football field

By Jon LeibowitzThe NFL is trying to help protect the game’s integrity by revamping its privacy policy to protect its players from cyber-attacks, according to a report in USA Today.

The NFLPA is expected to propose a new privacy policy in the coming months, and the league is also looking at other ways to curb online harassment of players.

The NFL has been working with cybersecurity experts to develop a cybersecurity policy that would include the use of an algorithm to determine the level of cyber-bullying, and then how to deal with it.

According to the report, the league could use a model similar to one created by the NFL’s technology company, Intel, to determine how to detect cyberbullying in the first place.

While the NFLPA and its members have not yet agreed on a cybersecurity plan, the new proposal suggests a focus on protecting the integrity of the game itself.

The league has a “zero tolerance” policy for cyber-assault, the report says, which is the “same policy the NFL developed for its players during the Super Bowl season.”

According to a statement, the NFL has a zero tolerance policy for cybershaming, which refers to the unauthorized use of another person’s identity or property to disrupt or influence a game.

The league’s policy is intended to make sure players have the ability to report cyber-threats.

It says it does not consider the reports of cyberbullies “unfounded,” or as a threat to the integrity or security of the NFL.

The new policy could also help protect against the spread of malware that is used to steal players’ passwords.

The NFL has also been looking at ways to help keep track of the number of cyberattacks against its players.

Currently, the team that reports the most cyberattacks receives about $10,000 in compensation for the cyber-hacking.