Pope Francis to attend funeral of Chilean Jesuit priest killed in Colombia

On Thursday, Pope Francis will attend the funeral of a Chilean Jesuit who was killed in a shootout with police in Colombia.

Francis has visited Chile in recent years as part of his humanitarian efforts in Latin America, where thousands of people have died in the recent civil war between the government and left-wing militants.

His visit comes as the Pope seeks to build on his legacy of poverty alleviation by meeting with thousands of poor people in Colombia, the Caribbean island nation that is home to over 5 million Colombians.

A delegation of about 100 Latin American Catholic bishops is scheduled to arrive in Bogota, Colombia, for the event.

On Thursday, Francis will lay a wreath at the gravesite of the Jesuit, Father Juan Luis Garcia Montoya, who was gunned down in the town of Guimarães in September of 2016.

He was one of five Jesuit priests who were assassinated by a group of armed men.

“In the midst of this violence, I want to pray for the family of Father Juan, who passed away yesterday,” Francis said at the ceremony in Bogotá.

The Argentine pope is expected to hold a private audience with the father’s wife, who will also be attending the ceremony.