Seo Seo & Jay Park in collaboration with YG & T-ara on new video collaboration – Billboard

SEO Seo has teamed up with T-ARA for their latest collaboration, “Woo Woo.”

The song, which has been dubbed as a “super sexy and sexy” song, has been included on their new video for the single “Deeper.”

In the video, Seo is seen walking around a park wearing a pink bikini with her hair in a ponytail and T-Rara are seen dancing on the dance floor.

They’re then seen walking back to the beach with Seo.

T-ara has been featured in the past in Seo’s songs “I Don’t Like” and “Rapper’s Delight.”

Their latest song, “Ace,” was featured in “The Next Level.”

The two artists also collaborated on “My Love,” which is the lead single off of Seo-Yeon’s upcoming album.

Totally covered this video with the help of Jay Park, who also appeared in the video.

Seo and Jay Park’s new music video for “Wooo Woo” is available for fans to view below: