Why I’m an optimist about the coming 2020 elections

In a world where most Indians are already in the grip of political pessimism, one of the great hopes for 2020 is that the people who are optimistic about the political prospects will be the ones who show up.

That is what happened in Maharashtra and in Karnataka in recent years.

In all three of these states, the government’s own polls and the general trend in the country have been very good.

The people of those states were optimistic.

They had hoped for a better and more inclusive economy.

And they believed that a better-educated, more inclusive, and more empowered workforce would give them a better chance to hold on to their jobs.

It didn’t work out.

In both states, those who had invested in the development of the states’ economies and had been part of the development process have not seen the fruits of their efforts.

In Maharashtra, the unemployment rate has doubled, while in Karnas, it has tripled.

The share of the rural population in the workforce has dropped from 45% in the mid-1990s to 14%.

And in Karnes, the number of farmers has dropped by 40% from around 15 million to around 2.5 million.

The number of households with more than two children has declined from around 4.4 million to 2.2 million.

These are not the only problems in the countries in which the government has been struggling to improve the lives of its people.

In some states, there is a real sense of political apathy.

In several states, even though the government is spending billions of rupees in infrastructure and education projects, the poor are still struggling to get their children to school.

And it is not only in Maharashtra where the public has been pessimistic about the chances for the future.

The trend in other states has been quite different.

In Karnataka, there has been a resurgence in nationalism in the last two decades.

People are becoming more assertive and they are looking for a scapegoat, even a scapegoats like the BJP.

And what they are really looking for is a scapegoater in the form of the Bharatiya Janata Party.

The BJP is the only political party that could have been chosen as the sole beneficiary of the state’s economic boom, and in the face of the poor economic prospects, they are taking advantage of it.

This is the mindset of many people in Karna.

It is also a mindset that is spreading among the middle class.

So, the next elections will be a contest between the people of Karnataka and those who are looking to the BJP for their help in rebuilding the economy and in finding jobs for the poor.

The next election is likely to be in Maharashtra.

There is a possibility that there will be some sort of alliance between the two parties.

In the past, the Congress has always been seen as a party that is in the middle.

And now it may become the most prominent party in Maharashtra in the next election.

The Congress has been looking for an alliance with the BJP, because it is a party with a strong tradition of corruption and social injustice.

In 2016, it had been in power for seven years, and it was seen as the best alternative to the Congress.

The state’s political parties have now been able to see that, so they have shifted their focus to the middle of the political spectrum.

The Congress in Maharashtra has been in a tough position.

It has been the most powerful party in the state for the last four decades.

In many ways, it is the most influential.

It had also been in the lead in the polls.

But now that the BJP is in power, the state has started seeing an erosion in its influence.

The party is no longer a powerful force in the assembly and it has lost its power to the centre.

It may be able to build a coalition government in 2019 but it may not be able form a coalition with the Congress and the Trinamool Congress.

The party is also looking at the possibility of forming an alliance in 2019.

But in the end, the only party that has the most to gain from an alliance is the Congress, which has the strongest chance of forming a government.

The other party in that scenario is the BSP.

It was in power in the states for a long time, but in the current climate, there may be no choice for it in 2019 and 2020.

It could either join the alliance with a third party or leave.

The BSP has no choice but to stay in the opposition.

The fact that the BPS has been able, in the past two years, to form alliances with various parties suggests that it has found a way to win elections.

It can also make an alliance, which could mean that it could form a government with the BJD.

But there is no guarantee that this will happen.

The alliance with both the BRS and the BPL will mean that the Congress in 2019 will have the support of the BJP in the Lok

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