Seo graduates from the University of the Philippines

The University of Sulu has accepted a batch of students from the United States and Australia for a series of courses aimed at enhancing their professional skills and helping them to become roofers. 

The students were chosen after the University received feedback from both countries on their professional potentials. 

In total, the university is giving up to three dozen students scholarships worth around US$1,600 each, said its Director of Engineering and Science Michael L. Larkin. 

According to Larkin, the aim is to have at least 10 students who are qualified to join the ranks of the nation’s professional roofers in the coming years. 

“The goal is to provide the first generation of roofers with an educational environment that allows them to develop skills that they will have to take into the real world,” Larkin said. 

This is not the first time the university has taken in US and Australian students. 

It has also received two applications from Singapore and a third from China. 

Larkin also said that the university would soon open a second campus in Sulu, the capital city of Mindanao. 

 “We are hoping to open it by the end of the year, but we need a more stable budget for this and that’s where we need your help,” he said. 

 “If you would like to help us get our roofers the education they need, please donate by May 15.” 

The university has also been preparing for the future with its new program in Roofing Seo, an initiative which combines academic and technical learning to help the graduates prepare for the roofing industry. 

A total of 100 roofers are taking the course, with the university’s main goal being to give roofers a better understanding of their profession, and to help them achieve a better standard of living. 

Among the students participating in the program is a 26-year-old from California, who was already a roofer when he enrolled at the university in 2017. 

He said the program has helped him understand how roofers work in a different way from most people. 

When asked about the most important lesson he has learned from the program, he replied that he has realised the importance of understanding the roofer’s job. 

While many people do not understand how to do a job, he added, they also do not realise how hard it is to do one. 

However, the former roofer said that it is important to learn how to perform the job at all times. 

‘Our roofers need to be professionals’ The programme has been developed in cooperation with the US Department of Commerce and has been supported by the US Embassy in S. Sul. 

During the first month of the program’s start, the students will be working with a team of eight people who will be the instructors for the course. 

Afterward, the program will be expanded to the full university, and then the university will decide whether to continue the program or not. 

As the roofers do not have the necessary skills to work in the industry, they have to work with an experienced team to train them. 

Despite the course being based in the US, the team of roofer instructors will also work in Singapore and China, according to Larkins. 

If the students manage to obtain the necessary licenses and certification in the country, they will be eligible to join professional roofing teams in those countries. 

Many roofers have already applied for the program but it is currently not available to them. 

 ‘This is our opportunity to become professionals’  As part of the initiative, the University will also provide the roof-shopping students with financial support to help with their studies. 

They will also receive financial assistance for their tuition fees, including textbooks and lab equipment. 

These are some of the things that the students are expected to do in order to become professional roofer. 

There is no specific time frame for the students to complete their courses but they will need to finish their courses in five years from now. 

All of the students who have been accepted to the program have been studying from April to September. 

With the completion of their studies, the roof workers will be able to obtain their licenses, and start working for roofing companies in their own industries. 

Students also have the option of becoming a full-time roofer themselves, and are encouraged to do so if they wish. 

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