How to learn to code, learn to use, learn code

By Yoon Seon Kim, Park Jin Young and Seo Yoon Jeong (Dec 6, 2018)The course offers a variety of topics including how to use a computer, learn programming languages, learn about computers, how to write code, and how to do some basic programming exercises.

It is offered in two different formats, one being a print-only version that is sold at bookstores and online, and the other being a mobile app, where you can download it.

A version for iOS and Android devices is available for free.Read more What you need to know about Seo Yong Seo: A course on coding, learning, and writing code article 1.

What is a computer?

What is a program?

What does a computer do?

What is an app?

What happens when you write a program on a computer or a smartphone? 


What are the basics of a computer program?

How do you create a program that runs on a device?

What are the different types of devices?

What do you need a computer to do? 


How do I learn to write a computer programs?

What kind of software do I need to use?

What type of computer programs are available for learning? 


What types of software are available? 

What kinds of programs do I have to create? 


What do you mean when you say “programs”? 

What does that mean? 


What kinds of computers do you have?

What kinds do I use to create them? 


What kind of computer software do you use? 

How do I get a program running on my computer? 


What does a “program” mean?

What can I get out of it?

What types of programs are there? 


What should I know about the different programming languages? 

What are programming languages like? 


What about web programming? 

Is there a difference? 


How are web programs developed? 

Why do they need to be developed?

What are web applications? 


How can I write a web program? 

How can it work with a website? 


How is web programming structured? 

 What types are there of web applications, what types are they not? 


What’s a web application? 

Where do they come from? 


What type of web application does your program run on? 

Is it web server, web server and/or web server-based? 


What software does web applications run on, and what does it do?

What features does web application have? 


What programs does your computer need to run on a web server? 

When should you start learning web programming to get a job? 


What tools and libraries are available to get started learning web coding? 


What resources are available on the web to help you learn web programming and/ or web development? 


What training courses do you want to take? 

 What is required?


How does a software developer learn a new language? 


What can I do with a computer that is already programmed in a language?

What if I want to learn more?

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