What you need to know about the Orange County seo scandal

The Orange County Sheriff’s Office is facing multiple lawsuits from its former chief deputy, who was indicted last month on a sex abuse charge.

But the investigation is also being investigated by the Justice Department and the FBI.

We caught up with Orange County District Attorney Ana Bautista and her husband, the Orange police chief, to learn what the investigation looks like.

Q: What’s the investigation looking at?

A: The Orange District Attorney’s Office has been investigating for several months the allegations against former Orange County sheriff’s deputy Steven J. Carvalho, who has been on paid administrative leave since being indicted by a federal grand jury last month.

It is unclear if prosecutors have filed any criminal charges against the deputy, but they are investigating, said Orange County police spokesman Dan Ritter.


What’s in the charges?


Prosecutors are looking at allegations of rape, sexual assault and battery, which are not criminal in nature.

The charges stem from an incident in which Carvalhos then-girlfriend reported being sexually assaulted in an Orange County hotel room, Ritter said.

Q.: What kind of allegations are being investigated?

A.: There are multiple allegations of sexual assault against Carvalhi, according to the Orange District, Orange County and Orange County Police Departments.

A third accuser told investigators she was also sexually assaulted, according the Orange and Orange Counties.

CarValhi is the fourth deputy to be indicted in the case.


Why was Carvalha indicted?


Carvalhasen, who is still on administrative leave, is accused of making inappropriate comments to the alleged victim and using his position of authority to pressure her to engage in sexual activity.

Q.’s rating this story: DQQ’s rating on the story: 1 out of 5A couple of months ago, we posted a story about the case of Orange County’s highest-ranking law enforcement officer facing federal charges over allegations he forced a woman into a hotel room.

That story was based on interviews with multiple people familiar with the case, including several law enforcement officials who were in contact with the woman.

One of those people, a former police officer who requested anonymity, said Carvalhamos conduct was “not normal” and “not consistent with the department.”

He said he was told by several of the people who knew Carvalihos at the time that he was a man who was “unfit for the job.”

The former officer said CarValho’s behavior “took the law enforcement community by storm.”


What’s Carvalaho accused of?

A._Sexual assault of a minorQ.

When did the investigation begin?

A.-In January, after an anonymous tip from an anonymous source, Orange investigators interviewed Carvali at a police station in Orange.

The officers found he had been “very cooperative and very cooperative with the investigators,” Ritter wrote.

They also spoke with the victim.

Q.(Q&A with Orange’s Ritter)Q.

Do you know if the allegations have been proven?

A., not yet.

Q.-What do you know about Carval’s defense?AQ.: The Orange district attorney’s office did not respond to CBS News’ questions about the investigation.

It was not clear whether prosecutors are pursuing criminal charges or whether the Justice Dept. is looking into the caseQ.

Why is the investigation being handled by Orange County?

A, that’s a good question, Ritters wrote in an email.

I think it’s important to note that the investigation by the district attorney has not been public.

Q., I think you are asking about a criminal investigation.

Are there other agencies that are looking into it?

A and Q. I mean, how is that even possible?

Q.: We asked, but it is.

A federal grand-jury is investigating the allegations.

Q, Is the investigation into the Orange deputy involved with any investigations?

A-Yes, according, Rits wrote in his email.

Q.– Is the county cooperating with the investigation?

A.– No, because the Orange Sheriff’s Department has not made any public statements on this.


Where do you get your information from?

A – The Orange Sheriffs Office does not comment on personnel mattersQ.– Do you have a copy of the reports from the grand-juries?

A I don’t.

The investigation is ongoing.

Q — Are you talking about the reports of the grand jury?

A — I’m not.

Q.– Is there a plan to release the reports?

A we are not going to release them until the investigation concludes.

Q– Are there any other agencies investigating the case?

A The Orange Police Department and Orange Police have not received any formal reports.

Q Why didn’t the Orange district Attorney’s office say anything?

A Because we have an ongoing investigation and that is our duty, Ritiz said in an interview.

Q What is your timeline on releasing the reports and any other information?

A We’re going to get it out